UPDATE: North Attleboro building torn down after being destroyed by fire

By: Tiffany Choquette


Reporting By: Melissa Randall & Mike LaCrosse


North Attleboro Fire officials say the building was torn down Friday night due to heavy ice and snow buildup and a lot of water and ice damage. Officials are limiting access to the area because of a lot of ice hanging off the side of neighboring buildings.

The Department of Public Works was on-site to clean the street and sidewalks.

The North Attleboro Police Department has advised that traffic will be re-routed Saturday. The streets are closed from Orne St. to Elm St. but there is a possibility they will reopen by mid-afternoon.

The biggest concern at this time is the free-standing firewall which is over 20 feet high and fire officials are not sure of its structural integrity. If they decide to tear it down, they have to figure out how to do so safely.

The adjacent building is still not occupiable – although heat and electricity have been turned back on, the water has not, and officials say they are a couple days away from deeming it safe to occupy again.

As for a cause, officials say it is difficult to determine since the entire building is now gone, but because of the behavior of the fire there is nothing pointing to any malicious intent.

A few firefighters suffered minor injuries battling the fire.  Fire crews from neighboring communities assisted in fighting the blaze in frigid overnight temperatures. 

The destroyed building housed the Kontempo Kutz and Nailz Salon.  Saturday afternoon the owner and her employees met to figure out what to do now.

“It hasn't even really processed with me yet.  I feel like I am still in shock,” said owner Kerri Dellinger.

“That was the worst part not being able to go back in and see anything or just never going back in there is gonna be really sad,” said Monique Roberge, employee.

Dellinger says she hopes to find another building and keep her team together in North Attleboro.

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