Four People from Rhode Island Charged in Kidnapping of Postal Worker

Providence, RI (WLNE) – Federal agents announced Thursday that four people are accused of kidnapping a postal carrier in Rhode Island.

Court documents say the four suspects spent several days monitoring postal workers’ activity because they wanted to identify a specific postal worker. The court documents say the group mistakenly believed the postal worker had delivered a package containing drugs in Pawtucket. The indictment says the four people kidnapped the postal worker on June 1 at gunpoint, drove him to his home and interrogated him about missing crack cocaine.

The indictment says the suspects let the postal worker go after realizing he did not know anything about the missing drugs. He was not harmed and was taken back to an area near his postal truck.

While investigating the kidnapping, federal agents said they learned about several packages being sent from fake addresses in Puerto Rico to various addresses in Rhode Island. Agents said they intercepted three packages and found that they contained cocaine.

Federal agents then arranged for the packages to be delivered to the Rhode Island addresses. During package delivery, agents conducted surveillance on those addresses. Court documents say three of the kidnapping suspects were at the delivery locations and were arrested. Federal agents then obtained warrants to search the suspects’ homes and cars. The agents said they found evidence connecting four suspects to the kidnapping of the postal worker.

The following four suspects face kidnapping and drug charges:

36-year-old Edgar Medina of Johnston

29-year-old Alijah Parsons of Providence

31-year-old Irving Medina of Providence

35-year-old Andres Garay of Providence

A fifth suspect faces drug charges but is not connected to the kidnapping accusations:

39-year-old Ronald Hall of Providence

Read the entire complaint here:

Federal Complaint in Kidnapping of Postal Worker

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