Foxboro Highway Supervisor creates “plow proof” mailbox

By: Samantha Lavien
Twitter: @SLavienABC6

After decades of accidentally taking out mailboxes while plowing the streets of Foxboro, town highway supervisor Pete Solbo created a mailbox system that he says can stand the beating of a typical New England winter.

“I just figured I had to come up with something. We have so many complaints about mailboxes being broken. So, I figured I’d try to come up with something to try and avoid that,” said Solbo.

The premise behind Solbo’s creation is a mailbox that can be moved prior to bad weather.

“You can’t break it if it’s not there,” said Solbo.

Solbo’s mailbox uses two different posts, one close to the road where the mailbox would stay most of the year. And, a second set back from the street. The top portion is detachable and can be moved between those two posts.

The posts can be put two feet into the ground to ensure stability.

Solbo says his creation isn’t too hard to make.

“It’s very simple. You just use a four by four just like you would a regular mailbox. You cut it, and you just box it in with some one by four and then you put the angle iron on the post, because the post will get broken too from the snow,” said Solbo.

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