Foxborough mother and son star in Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up”

FOXBOROUGH, MASS. (WLNE) – A local Massachusetts mother and son from Foxborough got to watch themselves on the big screen after starring in Netflix’s big budget movie, “Don’t Look Up”.

11-year-old Jaden Onwuakor and his mother Juri Love received principal roles in the film that featured some of Hollywood’s biggest actors and actresses including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep.

“Amazing. It was a truly amazing experience to get to work with so many big names!” Onwuakor said.

“In the movie business, you never know if your scene is going to make it or not so that was my first fear, but I was very happy that we got to see each other on the film final cut. I was just honored,” Love said.

The mother and son duo say they had to keep the film a secret for months while filming and had to follow strict COVID-19 protocols before getting on set.

“We could not leave the door for a single step for 8 days,” Onwuakor said.

“Being able to tell people that we actually did it and made the final cut,” Love said. “And then getting so many messages from all over the world, friends, and bombarded by the love and support.”

Not only did a local family star in the movie, but most of it was filmed in Massachusetts. One of the scenes featured Fall River’s Battleship Cove. Other Bay State locations include the Mass Pike, Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood, and Federal Street.

For Onwuakor and Love, it was not only cool to film together and near home, but they say, it was a great experience to help relay the message about climate change.

“It has really in-depth things that could happen in the future, but don’t worry it won’t happen for another 1000’s of years. Maybe 100’s,” Onwuakor said.

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