Franklin man arrested for synthetic marijuana Attleboro

Joseph Krapf


20-year old Sean Driscoll of 87 Stone Ridge Road Franklin was arrested in Attleboro by Sgt. Timothy Cook for possession of synthetic marijuana.  

Attleboro's city council recently passed a ban on synthetic marijuana this passed June; Driscoll is the first to be arrested under the new ban.

Cook was on usual patrol around 8 p.m. when he noticed Driscoll hunched over in the driver's seat of his vehicle in the Attleboro Crossing parking lot on 217 South Main St.

Cook shined his spotlight on the vehicle and then decided to examine after he noticed it was filled with smoke. 

When Cook advanced toward Driscoll's vehicle, he could smell the aroma of burnt marijuana. 

After police spoke with Driscoll they obtained a pipe and a bag with “Bizzaro” and “Not for Human Consumption” labeled on it; stickers that read “cherry” were also found on the bag.  

In the bag was what police believed to be cherry flavored synthetic marijuana, the pipe had burnt essence that is suspected to be the same synthetic marijuana that was found in Driscoll's vehicle.

Synthetic marijuana causes serious health related problems such as hallucinations, strokes, and seizures.

Patrolman Richard Berube and Detective Steven Beaudet helped Cook further investigate.

Upon inhaling toxic vapors, Driscoll will face a criminal charge in the Attleboro District Court as well as a civil citation that will charge him $300 for the violation of the city ordnance ban on synthetic marijuana.

If Driscoll is convicted of the criminal charges of inhaling toxic vapors, he will have to pay a $200 fine, spend 6 months in jail or both.    


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