Freetown-Lakeville Middle School takes on Mannequin Challenge

By: Anthony Vega

LAKEVILLE, MASS. — Freetown-Lakeville Regional Middle School took on the Mannequin Challenge, a new viral internet sensation, this past week.

Sixth grade math teacher, Nate Eleuterio, thought it would be a great idea to partake in the Mannequin Challenge after doing other videos such as the Falcon Style, the Lip Dub, and the Harlem Shake.

Eleuterio says the reason why they decided to do the challenge was because it involved students and staff members.

“The entire school is in it. So there are teachers from all grades, guidance counselors, specials teachers, secretaries, principals, and of course all kids from all 3 grades!”

The Mannequin Challenge requires participants to remain frozen in place, usually in elaborate poses, while someone strolls through the scenes, filming the detailed positions as a song plays in the background.  

“I was afraid it would take many takes as you can’t move, but the kids and staff were so good!”

It took the math teacher approximately three days to film and edit the video.

The students were able to see their complex tableaus Tuesday after the middle school debuted the video, according to Eleuterio.

“The kids were very excited about it…It was fun and definitely a fun thing to do right before Thanksgiving break. The kids wish for Ellen to see the video!” 

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