Freshman Rep. in hot water after sharing lewd handout

Freshman State Rep. Ramon Perez is coming under fire after passing out a handout earlier this week that had links to a pornographic websites.

"As a freshman I have a lot to learn. I am really ashamed and sorry about this,” said Perez.

Rep. Perez says a friend sent him the picture of the Wikipedia story to help him with testimony he was giving on a bill regarding car accident protection. He had a clerk photocopy that image and pass it out during the House Finance Committee meeting on Wednesday.

"I was asking a friend if they know something about it. So a friend sent me that picture with the information I was looking for. I used that picture to make copies. I didn’t see the stuff at the top,” said Perez.

A spokesman for the Speaker says that someone took notice of the error and a clerk quickly collected the papers.

Perez later took to Facebook to apologize. There he wrote, “Tell me people what you see wrong in this picture? I was send this picture with information I need it for one of my bill, I didn’t notice what was wrong with it, until I got a few calls about it. My fault for no noticing the That picture I had receive, had something bad on it, and use it by mistake ,sorry to everyone, This is my stament. That is all.”

When we spoke to him by phone he added, "It wasn’t intended, it wasn’t from my computer.” Rep. Perez also repeatedly apologized emphasizing that this was by no means intentional.

Representative Teresa Tanzi who is on the House Finance Committee calls what happened deeply disturbing. She told ABC 6 “Everyone is watching him like a hawk. Everyone is watching every move he makes. He’s already half way across the bridge to nowhere in my mind.”

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