Friends say man found dead in street was good, hard working man

By: Melissa Randall

Police in Central Falls have persons of interest in custody tonight after a man’s body was found lying on in a street Christmas night. Neighbors are now looking for answers into the tragedy.

There are no Christmas decorations at 17 Parker Street. Only yellow police tape.

The apartment is now part of an investigation into the death of a Providence man. Cheikh Diop, 41, was found dead lying in the street Thursday evening.

“The rescue… it was somewhere over there. And I just came outside and saw the body laying there,” said Glendy Lux, who lives a few doors down.

Police say Diop had a deep cut to the head. Witnesses say two people were taken away in handcuffs, but police will only say persons of interest have been identified.

Blood still covers the doorway leading up to one of the apartments, and the door has an apparent slash in it. Friends of the victim tell us Diop was there visiting a co–worker for the holiday. The two apparently worked together at a warehouse.

People who live on the street say this is not typical of the area.

“Good neighbors. Very nice. Quiet,”said Juan Quintiro of Parker St.

They want answers.

“I feel bad because this is really, really quiet. The neighborhood is nice,” said Rosie Sanchez also of Parker St.

Candles have already started appearing at the home. Diop’s friends were too distraught to go on camera, but say he was a good, hard working man. They are trying to get in touch with his family

Police say 33-year-old Ken Emuakpor of Parker Street has been charged with obstruction in the case. He’s due back in court next month.

The victim’s autopsy results are still pending.

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