Frigid temps cause concern for homes, cars

By Alana Cerrone


With temperatures expected to drop below freezing this weekend, organizations like AAA and The Red Cross are urging people to take necessary precautions now to avoid serious cold weather damage.

Inside your home, it’s recommended that you leave your faucets dripping and heat on at a steady temperature throughout the day so that your pipes don’t freeze or burst.

It’s important to take care of your car, too, especially if your car battery is getting older.

John Paul at AAA Northeast says, "when the weather gets to about freezing you lose about 30% of your battery capacity – when it gets to about 0 you’ve lost about half your battery capacity."

He recommends you leave your gas tank full and also think twice about what you leave inside your car overnight.

Things like soda cans and other groceries can freeze at very low temperatures and if they freeze, then thaw out again, it could cause a huge mess in your car.

The freezing cold can also damage electronics like your smartphone and GPS, and make medicine less effective.

And for those who like to start their car ahead of time – AAA recommends you do it for only about a minute or so, and when you do take off, do so slowly to get your car warmed up.

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