From the Bristol Parade Sidelines

Ted William's fighter jet in the parade

Dee DeQuattro

Friends and family from across the nation gathered to celebrate the independence of the United States in little Bristol Rhode Island.

81-year-old Joan Rocha traveled 6,000 miles from Saint Helena California to be in Bristol not only for the Fourth of July but also for her birthday. “This was on my bucket list,” she said as she peered at the parade route from the lawn of Linden Place.

As a child Rocha said she had sat on the sidelines waving a flag but she always hoped to come back and this time view the parade from a shady spot on the Linden Place lawn. Linden Place offers parade watchers breakfast, lunch and a shady spot to partake in the festivities for $75.

Matt “Squeak” Somerville of Newport was more than excited as he sat with his family along the parade route. Somerville who was decked out in his “American Flag” outfit says this really is his first Fourth of July parade. “We don't know what to expect,” he said, ‘but I'm proud to be an American.”

As those on the sidelines whooed and cheered for the floats and marchers in the parade one marcher got some boos from the crowd. As Governor Lincoln Chafee marched by onlookers booed and shouted, “no tolls! no tolls” referring to the tolls set to begin on the Sakonnet River bridge in August.

ABC6's Buddy Cianci, Sports Anchor Ken Bell and Meteorologist Kevin Coskren could be seen marching in the two and a half mile parade.

Providence's dancing cop brought his performance to Bristol for the celebration and veterans from around the state marched proudly waving to onlookers.

Famous Red Sox Player Ted Williams' fighter jet from the korean war was a staple piece in the parade as it was pulled down the streets of Bristol.

Meanwhile children flocked to lemonade trucks and local street vendors. One vendor said “It's all about the bubble guns this year.”

Some furniture purchasers were disappointed when the temperature in Bristol did not hit 100 degrees because they were hoping to cash in on the Cardi's 100 degrees or higher deal.

On the other hand some of the parade marchers, such as Mickie and Minnie mouse, Elmo and Cookie Monster, were most likely relieved the temperatures didn't soar.