Fuego Lounge to remain closed for 60 days after double-homicide, limited hours going forward

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – The Providence Board of Licenses met Wednesday to decide the fate of Fuego Lounge, the site of a double homicide in the early hours of August 7.

The Board of Licenses voted to extend the club’s closure for another 60 days. After that, the City will require 120 days of limited service and new security measures to be put in place.

Once reopened, the club will have to close at 1 a.m. instead of 2 a.m.

“We’re hopeful at that point they can get back to the 2 a.m. with a new security plan, safety plan, and they won’t have the challenges that we’ve seen there in the past,” said BOL Chairman Dylan Conley.

Local business owners in Upper South Providence say though the double homicide is concerning for the community, the lounge should not have been dealt that harsh a blow because of reckless patrons.

“My business is right one block away. I have my kids at my business helping me here and there, things like that. It’s a danger to all of us. The whole community” said Eric Mercado, owner of Southside Smoothie on Broad Street.

“If they want to commit crimes and commit violence against somebody, it doesn’t matter what the business is,” he continued. “It could’ve been a nightclub, in front of a sneaker store, so you’re gonna shut down the sneaker store?”

The killing of two Boston men followed a string of violence in the city and marked Providence’s fourteenth and fifteenth homicides of the year. The suspect, Miguel Lacourt, was arrested last week.

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