Fung announces education plan

By: Dee DeQuattro
Twitter: @deedequattro

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Allan Fung rolled out his five tier education plan.

Fung said that if he is elected governor he would want the Commissioner of Education to report directly to the governor.

Further he said it is imperative that the state return to the original two education boards; one for K-12 and another for higher education. Two years ago, the General Assembly combined the two boards into one. Fung said that this is important since both need two separate plans. He also proposed an education cabinet including members of both boards, led by the education commissioner.

Fung said with the establishment of two education boards there would be no need for a second commissioner and therefore he will leave the position of Post secondaryy Commissioner unfulfilled. Fung said this would save the state $2 million dollars. Fung said he would redirect that money that has already been allocated to expand the science, technology, engineering and math education in the state (Stem) with one addition. Fung said his plan would change STEM to STEAM, adding an A for Arts.

As governor, Fung said he would also handle the University of Rhode Island asRIi’s flagship institution. As a result he plans to give the President his own board in order to help the University establish its own endowment. Fung said this could eventually lead to URI not relying on state funding.

Finally, Fung said he will establish a Job & Education Cabinet. The cabinet would aim to bring together private, public, and non-profit business leaders and educators to work to develop students that have the necessary skill sets to excel in the workforce.

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