Garden City Applebee’s inspected following video showing rat feces

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CRANSTON, R.I (WLNE) — A nasty, dirty discovery inside the kitchen at the Applebee’s inside Cranston’s Garden City Center, where animal feces falling from the ceiling tiles onto cooking equipment.

The Health Department is aware of the situation and at this point officials say it’s still safe to eat there.

In a video that’s now gained nearly 40,000 views, a cleaning company’s crew recorded what what appears to be rat feces falling from the ceiling onto a counter in the Applebee’s kitchen.


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Now, that video has received attention from health officials.

“We sent out a food inspector immediately, we reached out to the owners of the restaurant,” said Joseph Wendelken, with the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Wendelken said when his crews got there, the area had already been cleaned up.

“They did have an issue, they recognized it and have been very proactive and very responsive. they did a thorough cleaning immediately when the issue was identified and like I said they’ve done several cleanings to make sure where the food is being prepared is healthy and safe,” he said.

When asked whether it’s still safe to eat there, health officials were clear that it is in fact safe and the restaurant has a good record with the department.

“Yes, this is a restaurant that has not had any previous health and safety issues or pest issues in the past when we’ve done inspections and we do regular inspections at restaurants through out the state,” Wendelken said.

Applebee’s quickly responded to our request for comment.

“The health and safety of our guests and employees is paramount, and as a company, we strive to ensure all locations adhere to our strict guidelines and policies regarding food safety and cleanliness. What is shown in these videos does not meet Applebee’s quality standards, and we have taken immediate action to remedy the situation, with the location being cleared by the local Board of Health. We will continue to work closely with them to ensure transparency and guest safety,” spokesperson Brian M. Lowe with Apple American Group told ABC 6.

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