Gas Prices On The Rise, 4 Dollars A Gallon By May

Gas prices have gone up now for six straight weeks. You think they're high now, it's supposed to get much worse. Around here, we could pay more than four bucks a gallon. Just the thought has many in Rhode Island contemplating their options.   

The average price of gas in Rhode Island is about $3.58 a gallon, but experts say in about three months it'll cost you 50 cents more a gallon.

Christian Montaovo says he can't afford to fill up now, so when we told him experts believe prices will be more than four bucks a gallon by May he was shocked.

He put 40 dollars in his tank in the last two days, bringing kids to school and running errands. Montaovo tells us he's hurting so badly, he might have to sell his car.

“I'm married, I have kids and right now I'm unemployed and I spend a lot of money putting gas in my car, so raising the gas prices is going to be crazy,” he said.

Experts say Montaovo won't see any relief soon. By year's end, households with two cars could be shelling out as much as 300 dollars more for gas than just last year. The worst part, many people have no choice but to drive. .     

“The bottom line is this, that Americans who commute to work still will need to commute to work, so there's a really a limited amount of things, really a limited amount of options that Americans can take,” said one expert.

For every 10 cents more people spend at the pump, experts say that's 9 billion dollars less they're spending on everything else, which affects our economy.