Gas Set To Be Restored In Westerly

Sixteen Hundred customers were still without gas Thursday night in Westerly after a problem in the gas line there.

It was like a maze of National Grid crews as you drove down the street. National Grid told ABC6, it had 70 technicians out and expected to get some people turned back on overnight.

Crews shut off Carroll DeGroff's gas first thing in the morning, which meant the 90 year old had no heat, hot water, or a way to use his stove.

“I did a little laundry a little while ago using cold water,” said DeGroff, “I keep my bedroom cool anyway.”

DeGroff said he'll make due for the night, putting extra blankets on his bed, but if it gets any colder, he'll have to leave

“I can get by,” he said, “My sister in law lives up the street. She has oil heat, so it's not going to affect her.”

DeGroff had options, and so did a lot of others without gas.

If folks didn't have family to stay with, National Grid offered hotel vouchers to anyone who lost service. DeGroff said it's al worth the inconvenience.

“A little inconvenience isn't bad, as long as they're doing what they can to keep us safe,” said DeGroff.

National Grid leaders said they'll have the gas problem fixed Saturday.