Gas station clerk shot by a would-be robber in Attleboro

By News Staff


Twitter: @ABC6 

ATTLEBORO, MASS (WLNE) – Attleboro police are looking for a suspect involved in an attempted robbery, that ended with the clerk getting sent to the hospital, early Monday morning. 

Police say the incident happened around 2:30 a.m, where the clerk said he was taking out the trash, before he was approached from behind from an unknown suspect wearing a monkey mask. 

Police say an officer was in the area when she heard what she though were gunshots.  The employee was struck by a bullet and the officer administered basic medical aid before the ambulance arrived. 

The employee was sent to Rhode Island Hospital. 

Police describe the suspect was described as a “small-framed, light-skinned black male with braids in his head”. 

Police are now searching for the suspect, it is unclear if this incident is connected with an armed robbery in Providence where the suspect was also wearing a monkey mask.