Getting Colder Wednesday

As chilly as Tuesday was, today will feel even colder. Even though temperatures will be equivalent, there will be a gusty wind involved with your Wednesday, meaning the wind chill factor will be a huge factor all day long Wednesday. Skies will be clear tonight and temps will drop off to near 20. At the same time, winds will pick up from the northwest to 25 mph gusts after 4am. As a result, wind chills will be in the single digits for areas away from the coast and extra layers and all the cold weather clothes will be needed at the bus stop in the morning for the kids. Wed Am Wind Chill

Winds increase to 30 mph gusts through the day and wind chills will be in the 20s, 10 degrees colder than the actual air temperature. Clouds build in for Thursday and rain will develop Thursday night through Friday. The rain may be heavy at times and it will also become gusty as the storm passes through. It clears just in time for the weekend.

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