Girl gives shelter donations instead of birthday presents

Nicole Gerber



It's not every day you see a child willingly give up
birthday presents for a greater cause… but that's exactly what one 9 year old Burrillville girl did over the weekend to help out some local animals.

“I was having a birthday party and one of my friend's moms,
she asked what I wanted and, I kind of like, thought about it, and figured I
should give to the animal shelter, so I did,” said Julia Tripodi.

In lieu of gifts Julia asked for donations to the
shelter, collecting about 40 lbs of food, treats, and medications for
the animals waiting for forever homes.

“There's like no words to how happy and proud I am of them,” said mom Lisa Tripodi.
“Because you try to put the seed in them but you never know if it's something
they're going to take to or not, but they definitely did.

Moving forward Julia's little brother Joel says that he's
starting to think about doing something like this for his next birthday, and
that was part of the reason that she even had this idea.

“It's really nice to do this, so like, I hope that other
people do it too, to add in,” said Julia.

On its Facebook page Burrillville Animal Control wrote: “We
need more Julia's in the world. I know she will grow to spread the word: Sharing
is Caring. Thank you!!

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