Golf course receives compliance order for not following rules, golfers surprised

LINCOLN, R.I. (WLNE)– Golfers at Fairlawn Golf Course in Lincoln are surprised to hear the business received a compliance order for not following COVID-19 guidelines.

The majority of violations stem from a bar inside the clubhouse.

Charles Cash is in a golf league that meets every Wednesday at the course. He’s been waiting to get back on the links and put his golf clubs to use.

“We couldn’t wait until we got the okay,” Cash said.

When he found out that his favorite course got a compliance order, he was shocked.

“I was surprised because the first time we got the okay to golf, I was told bring a mask,” Cash said. “You have to wear a mask inside. You can’t go inside without one and as you approach the clubhouse, there are signs all over the place”

According to the Department of Business Regulations, some of the violations included not having a cleaning log and allowing customers to enter without being screened.

The inspector saw three employees not wearing a mask, including the bartender and the cook, according to the compliance order. 

Richard Legg, a regular golfer, said he’s never seen anything that suggests the business hasn’t been following the guidance.

“When we go in to play we have to wear masks and everyone else is,” Legg said. “They have signed up saying 6 feet and mask inside.”

The compliance order also said a required barrier between staff behind the bar and customers was missing.

Cash, who says he likes to enjoy a cold one after nine holes, said he is surprised to hear this because they won’t let you order inside.

“You go in and there’s nowhere to sit in the bar,” Cash said. “The girl comes and takes our order and then brings the drinks out.”

Despite these violations, Cash said he will coming back.

“I’ll play here as long as it’s open,” Cash said. “I have no problem and I’m not afraid to go in.”

The owner of the golf course did not want to comment.

According to the DBR, Fairlawn Golf Course will be re-inspected in 10 days.

Governor Gina Raimondo announced during Wednesday’s press conference that she will be increasing inspections and will shut down those businesses that fail to comply.

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