Gonsalves family meets with Attorney General for first time since moped crash

The state police and Attorney General's office are in the fact finding stages of the investigation, which includes reconstructing the accident.
Gonsalves Family Meets With Attorney General For First Time Since Moped Crash

PROVIDENCE, R.I (WLNE) – The man injured in a moped crash Sunday involving Providence Police is still hospitalized and in a coma, but his family met with Attorney General Peter Neronha for the first time since the accident on Thursday.

“We appreciate the opportunity to communicate with him directly what we’re looking for and we welcome his involvement in the investigation,” said Attorney for the family Jude Kerrison following the meeting.

Kerrison called it a “good meeting,” saying they believe the Attorney General’s involvement is necessary for the public to trust the results of the investigation.

“We want a complete, thorough, and transparent investigation. We want to know all of the events leading up to the incident, and immediately thereafter,” said Kerrison. “We want to know exactly what happened to Jhamal.”

Currently, Kerrison explained, the state police and Attorney General’s office are in the fact finding stages of the investigation, which includes reconstructing the accident.

The crash happened in the midst of police leading a mass gathering of illegal ATVs and dirt bikes out of the city. Though mopeds are not illegal, police say the one Gonsalves was riding was unregistered.

“We’re angry and we’re concerned about the aggressive actions that the Providence Police Department and its officers took that led to Jhamal’s injuries. Especially considering that he was riding a moped that posed no danger to any public,” said Kerrison.

Providence Police released new video Wednesday from the day of the crash, but still do not have one that shows the actual collision.

“There may be people out there that don’t want to share things with the police for whatever reason and – contact us and we’ll take a look at it and make sure that it’s taken into consideration,” said Kerrison.

The family also reiterated that they do not endorse any confrontations with police that have ensued over the last few days, and they are asking those who wish to protest to do so peacefully.

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