Gonzalo Cuervo says if elected as Providence mayor, he’ll work to fix public education

Gonzalo Cuervo sits down with ABC 6 News to speak on education. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Providence mayoral candidate Gonzalo Cuervo said in order to fix public education in the city, you need to start by working together.

“It feels like the only real thing we’ve accomplished with the state takeover is adding an additional layer of bureaucracy,” Cuervo said. “Our school department has amazing talent. One of the challenges that we’ve had is that the conversation around public education in Providence and in other urban areas have become so costly that they’re just people yelling at each other.”

If elected, Cuervo said he’s excited to work with the superintendent and other education leaders to fix things.

“I think what we need is consistency in leadership, in curriculum and accountability,” added Cuervo. “We need for our youth to not feel like they’re just going into a building to be taught. They’re going into a community that welcome them with open arms.”

As for the much discussed half-appointed, half-elected school board, Cuervo said: “I’ve been vocal about my support for a fully-elected school board. I think it’s important for us to welcome civic participation at every level.”

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