‘Good news for everyone’: Providence physician weighs in on Pfizer vaccine data in younger populations

"The more people we can vaccinate... the better."

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- Some big news Wednesday in the coronavirus vaccine world, after Pfizer announces its COVID-19 vaccine showed to be 100% effective in children as young as 12 years old.

Health officials near and far expressing excitement about these new developments and what it could mean for slowing the spread of the virus even sooner.

Emergency Medical Physician from Kent Hosptial, Vincent Varamo, is one of them.

“Even if we vaccinate the younger people, if it can prevent morbidity and mortality in older populations, it’s still doing it’s job,” Varamo says.

Pfizer adds the newly released data shows children involved in the trial developed strong antibodies to the virus and showed no severe side effects.

Varamo says from his experience he’s had numerous older patients, who got COVID-19 from younger family members. He adds vaccinating younger groups would essentially help slow the spread.

And data from The Rhode Island Department of Health COVID-19 weekly data shows positivity rate in younger populations is significantly contributing to recent coronavirus cases in the state.

Varamo adds with any vaccine there comes a risk, but in this case… the reward significantly outweighs any risk.

Pfizer adds if all goes as planned they hope to vaccinate these younger populations by fall of 2021 before the new school year.

To read more on this new study and its findings, please click here.

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