Gov. Baker eases seating restrictions at Massachusetts restaurants starting Monday

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) – Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is easing up on some restaurant restrictions starting next week.

Restaurants in the state, except for those in the city of Boston, will be allowed to open their bar seating for food service and have bigger parties dine in. The party limit was capped at 6 people, but Baker has raised it to 10.

“Because we’re a family restaurant, most of the time people they ask to accommodate 7, 8, 9, 10 people and we weren’t able to do that.”

Dorotheos Chatziioannou, owner of Meditteranean Grill and Pizzeria in Attleboro, was pleased to hear of the ease on seating restrictions. He said it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“It’s very important and the timing is very good because many restaurants, as us, we use our patio so that means that in the next two, three, four weeks we will not be able because the weather changes. So the changes that start this Monday will help us a lot to utilize space that at the moment we don’t use.”

Chatziioannou said it will be great for business to reopen his bar that was a popular spot among locals.

“If I compare it with last year, the biggest hit we had in our sales was the bar.”

He’s already preparing to make changes this weekend ahead of Monday.

“Every party has to have six feet distance or a separator in between them. We are planning to put a plexiglass in between the bartender and the guests so we’ll keep the safety in between them,” Chatziioannou said.

But whether there are a lot of restrictions or a little, he said his loyal customer base keeps showing up to eat, and for that, he’s grateful.

“I just want to say I appreciate the support of the local people. They really support us all this period, and they did that in order to keep us in business.”

Restaurants will also be allowed to use laminated reusable menus and reusable condiment containers as long as they’re sanitized between each use.

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