Gov. Baker out with stern warning for residents before holidays

ATTLEBORO, M.A. (WLNE) – With just a week until Christmas, Governor Charlie Baker is out with another stern warning for Massachusetts residents. Do not gather with family and friends.

The warning comes after more than half of the state is now at a high risk for the coronavirus. And the governor is blaming gatherings during Thanksgiving. He fears it’s only going to get worse.

As of today, 1,871 people are in the hospital for COVID, and 383 are in the ICU.

This warning coming after cases continue to rise dramatically following Thanksgiving gatherings. In fact, one week after Thanksgiving, the state was averaging about 4,800 new cases per day. Deaths increased by 84 percent.

Marisa Luciani lives in Attleboro, which is an area now considered high risk for the virus.

“Every year we go to my aunts house and we have a very large family.

But after hearing what the governor had to say about the rise in cases, she is rethinking her holiday plans.

“This year we were scaling it back with just my sister and her husband and my dad and step mother but this week we chose not to have it entirely. My mom is high risk we don’t want to take the chance,” Luciani said.

As of this week, Attleboro has more than 2,000 confirmed cases and 74 deaths.

Luciani says she plans to play it safe and stay home until she can get the vaccine, so she can see her family once again.

“I know everyone in my family will be getting it we will be able to all get together again as soon as we do.”

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