Gov. Chafee’s 18-year-old Son Caught Trying to Buy Beer

The Governor's 18-year-old son had a run in with Jamestown Police over the weekend, after trying to buy beer at a liquor store. In a report we obtained from the police department, it says Caleb Chafee walked into the Jamestown Wine and Liquor Store on Saturday evening and put two cases of beer on the counter. It says that Caleb then got a phone call, told the cashier he didn't have any money, and that he'd be right back. 

Caleb Chafee got into the passenger seat of his friends BMW and pulled out of the liquor store, only to be pulled over by Jamestown Police moments later. Police state in the report that Chafee had noticed their presence outside of the liquor store, and it made him very uncomfortable. 

When an officer asked Caleb why he went inside the liquor store, he replied “I wish to take the 5th.”

Police say when they asked his friend, the driver, Fergus O'Farrell to step out of the car, he yelled to him, “take the 5th!” 

The officer warned Chafee he would be arrested if he tried to obstruct the investigation again. While searching the car for any fake ID's, police found two cases of beer and a bottle of jagermeister inside the car, unopened. 

We caught up with the Governor at the Statehouse Tuesday afternoon. 

“We all know the role that comes with being a public figure. Stephanie and I are going to take the appropriate action, he was doing very well in school until now, and we are very disappointed. We will make sure he understands the consequences of us all being in public life,” said Chafee. 

While Caleb Chafee was getting his wallet back from police, the report says that he asked for their badge numbers. 

Chafee has been charged with unlawful drinking and misrepresentation. He's due in court for arraignment at the end of April. 

His friend, O'Farrel is accused of posession of alcohol and transportation of alcohol by a minor.