Gov. McKee makes official campaign announcement

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- Governor Dan McKee officially announced his run for a full four-year term as governor in Rhode Island on Tuesday.

“Today, I’m announcing my incumbent candidacy as a full 4-year term as governor,” says McKee.

The announcement was made inside a plastics facility in East Providence called ‘Igus’. McKee toured the facility with leaders from several cities and towns, including Cranston, Woonsocket, East Providence, North Providence, Johnston, Lincoln, and Bristol.

The Governor placed a large emphasis on job creation as one of his accomplishments and goals moving forward.

“I’m running to create good paying jobs, support small businesses, grow our economy, and fight for hard working people and their families in all 39 cities and towns,” continued McKee.

East Providence Mayor Roberto DaSilva spoke in support of the Governor’s run for re-election.

“Governor McKee took office less than a year ago. He stepped in after a tough moment for our state — we were into the pandemic a year with children learning virtually, businesses struggling to stay open, and our state moving at a glacial pace to get vaccines out,” DaSilva said.

McKee took office for Gina Raimondo after she left Rhode Island to become Commerce Secretary for President Joe Biden.

“From Lieutenant Governor to Governor, diving in on day one and delivering steadiness during an uncertain time of crisis. He’s rightsizing a sinking ship and positioning Rhode Island at the top of the COVID response, economic triage, and within this short year, record economic growth,” says DaSilva.

The State is also facing an uncertain time as two of the top health officials left their post at the Department of Health.

The Governor says while there remain challenges ahead, he’s determined to stick by for the long haul.

McKee announced, “My message to Rhode Island today is simple – I’m running for governor to help create more opportunity for working people and their families. I’m running to support our seniors, veterans, small businesses, and keep the economic engine from humming, taking advantage of the blue economy and beyond.”

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