Governor Raimondo provides some insight on the reopening of the state’s economy

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – As Governor Raimondo ponders reopening the economy, going out to eat, and gearing up for the beach, many Rhode Islanders are wondering what that will look like.

In Saturday’s press briefing, the governor reiterated that the economy will not be opened with the flick of a switch. A gradual, phased approach in reopening the economy is still set in place.

With gorgeous spring weather present with us this weekend, Raimondo is worried that everyone will be out and about. She wanted to remind everyone that her stay-at-home order is still in effect through May 8.

Congregating will not be tolerated despite the nice weather and getting together for house parties is not advised.

Rhode Island has been able to maintain a plateau due to the state’s approach of “working for the best, but planning for the worst,” Raimondo said. And she doesn’t want this weekend to ruin it.

States in the region (M.A., C.T., N.Y., & N.J.) have extended their stay-at-home orders, but Raimondo hopes not having to do so.

She provided Rhode Islanders a sense of what the reopening of the economy will look like when the state’s phased plan gets up and running, particularly at eat-in restaurants.

Masks being worn part or some of the time, along with serving a reduced capacity and restaurants not using physical menus may be some of the restrictions customers and restaurant staff will experience.

Raimondo also stated that there may need to be a reservation system in place for enjoying the beach this summer.

Ideas and guidelines for reopening the economy continue to be fluid and will most likely involve tweaking as time progresses.

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