Graduate Hotel taking down Buddy Cianci portraits

By News Staff


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – The Graduate Hotel, formerly known as The Biltmore, is taking down portraits of former Providence Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci after receiving complaints about them hanging in the hotel’s guest rooms.

A woman sent a letter to hotel management over the weekend asking for the artwork of the former mayor to be taken down.

She claimed the portraits helped remind people of the decades of corruption, crime, fear and dishonesty under his administration.

The hotel took the artwork down Tuesday, an act that Dr. Brad Turchetta, Cianci’s nephew, called ironic.

 “I was surprised but it was just so ironic that it was The Biltmore,” said Turchetta. “It was one of his first great accomplishments to save The Biltmore. The building would be a parking lot right now. It would be a parking lot in the city, if he didn’t save it.”

Turchetta said his uncle’s influence and legacy extends far past the hotel.

 “If you’re going to protest The Biltmore,” he added, “protest the entire city because he has fingerprints all over the city.”

The portraits of Cianci were created by local artists.

In the meantime, hotel management said they looks forward to continuing to offer an experience that pays homage to the capital city.

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