Grand jury: Providence officer justified in shooting man

By The Associated Press     

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ A grand jury has found that a Providence police officer was justified in shooting a city man.

The Providence County grand jury investigated the shooting of Adryan Boisseau by patrolman Trent Hastings on Sept. 7 and concluded in a report released Friday that Hastings’ actions were lawful.

Boisseau suffered non-life threatening injuries.         

Police said they responded to reports of a man with a gun and shots fired. Boisseau was charged with felony assault and weapons charges. His court case was continued until February.

Hastings was placed on administrative duty while the shooting was investigated. A department spokeswoman says Hastings has returned to regular duties. The department found in an internal investigation that the shooting was within the parameters of its use of force policy.

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