Update: Greenslit to be Charged For Girlfriends Brutal Murder

Photo Provided by the Family of Stacie Dorego

Fifty-two-year-old Donald Greenslit is scheduled to be arraigned in Kent County Court today at 2pm.

Greenslit confessed to the brutal murder of his 39-year-old girlfriend Stacie M. Dorego on Sunday after firefighters discovered the fire in his home was his partners burning remains.

Johnston fire crews responded to his home on Pershing Road around 8pm Sunday after a neighbor called to report smoke billowing from the chimney. When crews arrived on scene, they found Greenslit screaming in the driveway, getting in the way of firefighters. Greenslit told police, there was no one inside and that he was just burning some wood.

Crews located the origin of the fire to be in the fireplace in the basement. They found human remains, which led to Greenslit's confession.

Greenslit told police he had gotten into a physical argument with his girlfriend, who came at him with a knife. In defending himself, he stabbed her. He confessed he later cut up the body using a power tool, wrapped the body parts in a blanket, and burned them in the basement fireplace.

Greenslit was under probation and was given a no contact order with his girlfriend. He's had three domestic violence charges against him in the past three years involving his relationship with the victim.

The couples children, ages 5 and 3, were upstairs during the murder. Police believe the children did not see anything. They are recovering at Hasbro Children's Hospital from smoke inhalation. Dorego is the mother of both children. Police told ABC 6 the children will likely be staying with an aunt.

On Tuesday the family of Stacie Dorego released this statement to ABC6 News:

“We cannot possibly explain the depth of our grief over this tragic loss and the unfathomable crime associated with her death. Our family is focusing on the health and well-being of her beautiful children.”  – The family of Stacie Dorego

According to the Johnston Police, Greenslit is being charged with:

(1) Domestic Murder – FELONY

(2) Child Abuse – Second Degree for one of the children – FELONY

(3) Child Abuse – Second Degree for the second child – FELONY

(4) Violation of a No Contact Order – FELONY

(5) Obstructing a Firefighter while in the execution of his duty – MISDEMEANOR

(6) Disorderly Conduct – MISDEMEANOR