Group of students start initiative aiming to increase vaccine demand among their peers

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (WLNE) – A group of students in Framingham are trying to eliminate any concerns among their peers regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

The group of multi-lingual High School Students are trying to ease concerns by explaining how the process and the vaccines work.

The students are with non-profit group Discovering Hidden Gems as part of a state-run vaccine equity program.

Everyday after school they go door to door to explain the process.

So far, their efforts are paying off.

50 people who went to a recent vaccine clinic at the Pelham Learning Center said they were visited by the teens.

“The actual goal is to let people know the vaccine is available in Framingham, and if they want it they can get it,” Natalie Davila said.

Nationwide, almost a million teens have received at least their first shot, and doctors say they have not heard of any issues among teens who have been vaccinated.

Experts also believe finding an appointment time for any age group will get easier once the use of the J&J Vaccine is approved for use again.

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