Group at Rally Outraged After They Say they’re Ignored

A public meeting, that wasn't public.

A group of people looking for answers about  a local non-profit group, say that they were shut-out Wednesday night, by a man looking to avoid tough questions.

A crowd of more than 30-people gathered outside the John Hope Settlement House to talk to the board and the group's president Peter Lee, about the community center's finances, and talk that it might have to close.

But instead, they were ignored, after they say meeting was abruptly moved to another location.

“We want to expose the fact that the board and director have mismanaged this agency.” said Mal Evans, who is concerned about John Hope's future.

Mal and the others at the rally didn't get that chance. According to a worker at John Hope, some board members didn't even know the meeting had been moved by President Peter Lee, until they showed up.

And when asked about where the meeting was moved, the worker was told it was a secret.

“They didn't want to face the community, the community has a lot of concerns, a lot of questions and the best way to not answer them is to relocate.” said rallier Mason Santos.

Concerned parent Judy Lang-Chiarella went even further saying that, “Peter (Lee) was afraid to be here to see the people in the community and secretly took off and had the board members go to another place to meet, which I find is horrendous.”

The ralliers want to see audits of John Hope's finances, so that they can see for themselves just how bad the financial situation is, and figure out how it got that way.

ABC6 tried to contact members of the board Wednesday night to confirm information about the meeting being moved, but we were unable to reach them.