Gubernatorial candidates already looking ahead to the general election

By: Chloe Leshner


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — A re-match of sorts in November, Allan Fung with a shot at redemption after losing 4 years ago to Gina Raimondo and just like 4 years ago, there is a third candidate in the race who will make an impact. All of them wasting no time today focusing on the general election and taking shots at each another.

A political analyst told ABC 6 News, a Raimondo primary win would be good news for republicans looking to unseat her. Mayor Allan Fung has a second chance to do that but independent candidate Joe Trillo says Fung isn’t conservative enough.

One day after the primary and the mudslinging has started in full force. Governor Raimondo wasting no time releasing an attack ad aimed squarely at Allan Fung.

"We stand by them, they’re just the facts. I think it’s important people know what my record is and what my opponents record is," says Governor Raimondo.

The irony of this ad? Mayor Fung says the buildings aren’t even in Cranston.

"She’s trying to criticize Cranston but has pictures of Providence. She can’t even tell the difference between the 2 cities," says Mayor Allan Fung.

The 2018 election is a rematch of 2014. Now Mayor Fung is using her 4 years on the job and that record against her.

"Her incompetence in management styles, her ineffective management style and making sure that we contrast and show what we’ve done in Cranston to make it one the best places to live in America," says Fung.

Just like 2014, there is a third, formidable candidate in the race, former republican state representative turned independent Joe Trillo.

"His political philosophies are more in line with Gina’s. He’s more of a liberal. He tries to make believe that he’s conservative but he’s not really conservative," says Joe Trillo.

Mayor Fung brushing off the Trillo criticism, while making the point that a vote for Trillo is in reality, a vote for Gina Raimondo.

"I stayed a republican, I didn’t cut and run like Trillo did," says Fung.

Governor Raimondo also said Mayor Fung won’t stand up to President Trump, something Fung says is ridiculous. On the other hand, Trillo says he thinks his support of the president will help him in this campaign.

All three candidates say they’re prepared to debate ahead of the election.

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