Handgun and tear gas grenades seized in arrest of Ohio man in Cranston

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CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) – Police arrested an Ohio man  late Saturday night after receiving information that he had a firearm in Cranston.

Officers were sent out for surveillance based on a tip and found Damion Oneill, 24, of Manchester, Ohio in a black Cadillac on First Avenue in the Elmwood section around 10:15 p.m..

Police approached Oneill and after completing an initial search of his car found a loaded .40 semi-automatic handgun. 

A further search of his car lead officers to find two CN gas grenades more commonly know as “tear gas” in the trunk.

The Rhode Island Bomb Squad recovered the grenades from the trunk and took them in for further investigation.

Oneill was arrested and charged with Permit Required to Carry a Pistol.

There was a woman in the car with Oneill, but she was released and no charges have been filed.

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