Hardware store closing in Warren after almost 90 years of business

    By John Guice


A Warren hardware store owned by the same family for nearly 90-years…

closed its doors for the last time.Paula Wagenbach and her husband Gary are the store's current owners. It was Paula's grandfather Joseph Mercier,. who opened  the store back in 1923. as a grocery, changing it into Mercier hardware later on.

The Wagenbach's say that it was a slowing economy that finally forced them to shut-down. even with loyal customers,

things just got too tough.

Businesses in Bristol and Warren have seen many changes in the last few months with numerous businesses shutting down and new companies making their way into town. From the sale of Ferrazzano's Flowers to Advanced Auto Parts, the change from the Anchor Bar to the British Beer Company, to the closures of the Toy Shop, and A Novel Idea, Bristol and Warren have felt the loss of several long time businesses. Warren town Councilman Chris Stanley says, they're doing several things to change the business climate in Warren.

One is the sale of un-used properties.They'll use that money to attract new business ventures.