Hasbro nixes the Monopoly iron, introduces new token

Dee DeQuattro


And the new monopoly piece is… a cat.

The Pawtucket based Hasbro Toy Company announced on Wednesday morning that they will be eliminating the iron and replacing it with a cat.

Hasbro put the token question to the game players and on Tuesday night at midnight voting on which piece should be eliminated and which should be added ended. The possible pieces to be eliminated came down to the shoe, the wheelbarrow and the iron.

The potential new pieces included the cat, a toy robot, a guitar, a helicopter, and a diamond ring. The cat prevailed receiving 31% of the fan vote.

The iron has been a staple game piece since the 1930's but unfortunately only 8% of fans voted to save the piece. The Scottie dog was the fan favorite with the 28% of the vote.

The Iron will make one final appearance in a limited-edition “Golden Token” Monopoly game that will be sold exclusively at Target later this month. The game will include the usual suspects, the Scottie dog, the wheelbarrow, the shoe, the thimble, the hat, the steamship, the car, and the iron as well as each of the five proposed game pieces.