Hat shop under fire for selling star badges that say “not vaccinated”

NASHVILLE, TN (WLNE) – A hat shop in Nashville is under fire for selling Nazi style Star of David badges that say “not vaccinated.”

The store named “Hatwrks” advertised the item in a now deleted Instagram post showing a woman smiling and wearing the star on her chest.

The post quickly drawing outrage with many comparing it to similar badges that Jews had to wear in German occupied areas during World War II.

Residents showed up to protest at the Nashville store Saturday.

“When you take a symbol, like the gold, the yellow star that was foisted upon Jews to, uh, ostracize them and make them victims. And then they took all those people and brought them onto boxcars and annihilated them. Don’t belittle the memories of 6 million Jews by using the that symbol,” protester Ron Rivlin said.

The controversy comes in the same week that Republican Georgia Congresswoman Majories Taylor-Greene made comparisons between the COVID-19 pandemic and the holocaust.

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