Having a hard time finding candy on Halloween night? One North Providence mother has a solution

This is a photo of the North Providence trick-or-treat trail. (Erin Nascimento)

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — For parents in North Providence, finding candy on Halloween night has been easy thanks to one mother.

Three years ago, Erin Nascimento created a trick-or-treat trail after she took her daughter out for the spooky holiday to find a ghost town.

“We were so excited to hand out candy and walk around with our daughter, and we walked a good 2 miles, and found a total of four houses,” said Nascimento. “It was sad, and I felt bad for my daughter, who at the time was just turning 8, and it should have been a really good experience and it was kind of sad.”

So, after being unable to find homes that were handing out candy, “I said, ‘You know what would be great? If there was a map.’ If we could just click and say, ‘Hey, who’s getting ready for Halloween? Who’s giving out candy?’ And just go with it.”

That’s when Nascimento designed a map with 30 houses that were participating.

Even with doubt, families followed the trail, which launched the success of the map today.

As the years went on, Nascimento added more elements to the map.

“You’ll be able to see an orange pumpkin for any house that is giving out standard candy or hasn’t decided, a teal pumpkin for the alternatives, and then there’s also an accessible logo for any houses that a wheelchair can pull up and pull back from,” she said.

Last year, Nascimento created a Facebook group for the community to contribute to the map and know when it’s released.

Nascimento said that in 2021, there were 55 houses that participated in the trail, adding that more are expected to join this year.

“The purpose of this map is to make trick-or-treating accessible to as many as possible. The world is changing quickly and knowing where we are going, is always a benefit,” added Nascimento.

The map only features homes in North Providence, but the trail is open to anyone who registers.

Happy Halloween!

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