Hawthorne Country Club Has A New Owner

              Long time members of a country club in Dartmouth are breathing a sigh of relief. The future of the Hawthorne Country Club has been up in the air, ever since the owner passed away in the Spring.

              For 2.5 million dollars, the over forty year old country club is now the property of a Dartmouth native. Who plans to keep things the same, except for a few changes. This is great news for members who consider the club more than just a monthly payment.

              The Hawthorne Country Club has been home to Tony Balestracci for 30 years.

              “It's like a home to us it's where we have a good time,” said Balestracci.

               But the home has changed, ever since the owner passed away in the Spring, the club started to run out of money.

               Balestracci says, “were all waiting to see what will happen so we can all come back as members again.”

               When the club officially closed it's doors on November 21st, members like Roger St. Pierre and Dick Phillips were told they could play until it was sold.

               St. Pierre said, “it's a lot of old timers who have been here as long as I have.”

               So with tape tied to branches stuck in the green and two by fours to mark the tee box, members golfed on, not knowing when they'd have their last round. Today that uncertainty was gone. Dartmouth native Kevin Santos bid on the club for 2.5 million dollars and got it. Santos also owns Waterfront Grille in New Bedford.

               Santos said, “it's run very well and it has been in the past and I had interest in it. It's pretty much a turn key operation and I want to continue.”

               Santos told concerned members he plans to keep the club as is, except for a few cosmetic changes. Which means members won't have to find another club to call home.

               “That's good to know I'm happy to hear that, I'm sure a lot of people will be happy to hear that,” said St. Pierre.  

                120 parties were booked at the club for the next two years. According to the clubs banquet director, Anne Arsenault, everyone who booked an event, has had their deposits refunded. 99 of those dates were put on hold, pending the new owner. Santos says he does plan on having those functions and anyone who scheduled an event should contact the club.