‘He had this sword the size of my lower body’: Victim recounts being approached with knife during road rage incident

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — A woman said she was involved in a road rage incident Thursday where a man confronted her with a large knife.

Alexa D’Anella, 29, told ABC 6 News the incident happened at 12 p.m. Thursday.

D’Anella said she was driving on the border of North Providence and Providence on Admiral Street when she was cut off by another driver.

Accompanied by her boyfriend, D’Anella said she honked her horn and the car turned around and blocked her in. A man then got out of the car and approached the couple with a large knife.

“He came out with a sword, I thought it was a gun at first,” D’Anella told ABC 6. “I was so scared and he had this sword the size of my lower body.”

The woman said she was frozen in shock while her boyfriend took out his phone and started recording the interaction.

“He kept banging on my window and telling us to get out of the car. I was totally frightened,” said D’Anella.

She said the man yelled for her boyfriend to get out of the car before he eventually got back into his car and sped from the scene.

“It was almost like he was looking for someone to mess with and I just happened to be the one to beep at him,” D’Anella told ABC 6 on Friday.

She said police responded to the scene and are working to find the suspect.

“Hopefully something will be done,” she said.

North Providence police said the incident is being investigated and they are working all leads to find the person in the attack.

Police urged the public to not take matters into their own hands, and call the department with any information.

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