Head of RI Coalition Against Gun Violence says four homicides in less than two weeks is unacceptable

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – With a recent surge in gun violence, an anti-violence group is now calling on state lawmakers to make it harder for young people to obtain guns.

The city of Providence has seen four homicides in two weeks and many are calling these acts of violence avoidable.

The head of the anti-violence group says lawmakers are able to help stop this violence, saying they simply have to get together and pass legislation.

Linda Finn is the head of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence, and she says four homicides in less than two weeks in Providence is unacceptable.

“One of the young men that was shot was attending his 7-year-old daughter’s birthday party and it’s just heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking.”

Finn says the recession, coronavirus, and warm weather are only adding fuel to the fire.

She wants state lawmakers to help curb gun violence by passing anti-gun violence bills.

Finn said, “Come back and have a hearing and take into consideration some of what’s going on in our state so that they can take some actions on safe storage, they can take some actions on straw purchasers, they can take some actions on raising the age to 21.”

ABC 6 News contacted every lawmaker in the house and senate who represents the city of Providence, including House Member Rebecca Kislak, who said, “We have a public health crisis of gun violence and should treat this like any other public health emergency.”

She continued, “I have not heard of any plans to return to the statehouse to address gun violence this year.”

Several other lawmakers got back to ABC 6 saying they did not hear about any plans to get together and meet about this issue, but are open to the idea.

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