Heat Assistance for Those in Need

Dan MacKenzie, of Bonniedale Farm Rescue, is an animal lover who has been saving pets for years. Last winter he organized a pet food bank and helped over 1,400 families and their pets. This winter, he is expanding his focus. He plans on providing help for people in need with heating their homes.

A project he has been working on since June, the elderly and veterans who can't get help from the state can contact MacKenzie and he will provide fire wood, wood pellets, and help with oil and gas payments.

He has been taking all types of donations including cash and gift certificates. A local car dealership has even donated a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze to raffle off.

He says, “we're calling every company in Rhode Island and hopefully everybody in Rhode Island will step up and give what they can, a dollar, anything to help out our cause.”

MacKenzie is selling 450 raffle tickets for the car at $100 a piece. If all the tickets are sold, the raffle will be held the week before Christmas.

If you are in need of assistance this winter, or if you would like to donate to the cause, you can contact Dan MacKenzie on his facebook page or on the Bonniedale Farms website.