Heather Abbott Reveals new high-heel prosthetic

By: Melissa Randall


Twitter: @MelissaARandall

Newport's marathon bombing survivor is sporting a new look. Heather Abbott showed off her state of the art high heel prosthetic leg at Next Step in Warwick on Thursday.

It has a high–definition silicone prosthetic cover that looks so life–like it's hard to tell it's not real. Abbott says ever since she was in the hospital and saw a woman with this type of leg it was her goal to get one.

“When I saw her leg and I saw how real it looked and the fact that she could wear high heels and still wear the clothes she used to wear. That's what made me know I'd be okay,” said Abbott.

The new leg will allow her to wear 4–inch heels. Abbott calls herself a “professional heel–wearer,” saying she rarely wore flats before the bombing. She wore a skirt to debut the new leg and says that's something she'll do regularly now.

Abbott already has other prosthetics, including a running leg, and one that allows her to swim.

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