Heightened security after Colorado theater shooting

By Abbey Niezgoda


“Basically you could go with anything. I hate to say it. But you really could go in with anything,” says security guard Tony Goes.

And as someone whose worked countless security details at  movie theaters Tony Goes would know.

“The lights go out and you have no clue what that person next to you is capable of,” he says.

He's usually only hired for special screenings.

“We check everything. One of the last things we do  is we check the emergency exit doors,” Goes explains.

But now that a gunman opened fire after coming through the exit doors at a Colorado theatre,
Goes expects a lot to change.

“Metal detectors or some security type device at the main where you give your tickets,” Goes suggests.

But before those are even considered, Col. Stephen McCartney of the Warwick police is stepping up patrols outside the theaters in his area.

“There's a lot of uneasiness and anxiety on behalf of the public so certainly we will supplement our detail officers,” says Col. McCartney.

He says there is a plan in place were something like that to happen here, one that was made after another mass shooting; also in Colorado.

“They had Columbine back in 1999 which has certain police principals applicable to response to an active shooter situation,” he says.

Goes says a lot of times these plans just come too late.

“It's a shame but you have to wait for something to go wrong to correct it. Instead of trying to prevent it before it happens.”