Here I am, stuck in the middle with… this unsettled weather pattern

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — We are still stuck in this unsettled weather pattern as we head into the week. Jet Stream Pattern Skylar

Today we started of cloudy, but the sun has finally made it’s way out and will help us warm up early reaching our peak high right after lunch. Then the clouds move back in and cool us down. It is possible there will be a few (I want to emphasize the word few here) of us who might be lucky enough to catch a stray, spotty shower later this afternoon, but we are only talking less that 10% chance. I’m going to toss this out there in case you do catch one today.
Hrrr 3k Temp Sat Rad Skylar
A cold front moves through on Wednesday, but it doesn’t cool us down like a typical front would. The winds at the surface are pushing in from the south/southeast and that seems to give the front a little push back since the front isn’t moving fast (winds in the mid-levels and towards the surface are only moving at 20-25mph.) So don’t expect a huge temperature swing with this front.
Futurecast With Fronts
Next round of organized rain moves in this weekend where we will pick up some measly totals of 0.10 (a tenth of an inch) to about .30 ( three tenths of an inch.)
TODAY: High 60. Partly Cloudy with increasing clouds mid-afternoon. 10% chance of a stray, spotty shower.
Forecast Plate

TONIGHT:  Low 41.

WEDNESDAY: High 61. Partly Cloudy. SE wind 5mph. Possible isolated spotty shower (10%) 2-5pm.

THURSDAY:   High 60. Isolated showers 20%. Wind N/S 5mph.

FRIDAY: High 63. Winds ESE 5-10. Mixture of sun and clouds.

SATURDAY: High 59. Winds E 15-20mph. Mostly cloudy.

SUNDAY: High 58. Mostly cloudy with rain. Winds E 20mph

MONDAY: High 59. Lingering AM showers.


Meteorologist Skylar Spinler

(Did anyone catch my song reference in the title? Happy Tuesday everyone!)

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