Hernandez DNA found on evidence

By Dana Griffin



FALL RIVER, MA- One of the greatest DNA links of the day- the shell casing found inside the Enterprise rental dumpster- thrown away after Aaron Hernandez returned his rented Altima.

DNA analyst, Diane Fife Biagiotti tested 16 items including a rolled joint, white towel, and spent shell casings found at the murder scene.

While insufficient quantities of DNA were found on some items, the joint was a near-perfect match for two people.

“Odin Lloyd is one of the contributors. The DNA profile from Aaron J. Hernandez matched the deduced DNA profile from this item,” said Biagiotti.

Defense attorney, James Sultan asked Biagiotti, “Did you ever get the DNA profile for someone named Earnest Wallace?”

Biagiotti said, “No I did not.”

Wallace’s DNA was never tested– leaving a possibility that the accused accomplice’s DNA may also be on those items.

Carlos Ortiz’s DNA was not found on the shell casings nor the joint found at murder scene.

The defense argued that DNA is easily transferred hinting to the chewed bubble gum found touching the shell cashing inside the dumpster.

The fact that the bubble gum was attached to the only shell casing that contained Hernandez’s DNA helps the defense’s argument.

Biagiotti confirmed it’s uncommon to get DNA off of a discharged shell casing.”

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