Hernandez murder conviction could be vacated

The shocking death of former Patriots tight–end Aaron Hernandez could have significant legal implications for his legacy from beyond the grave. That’s because a law in Massachusetts could vacate his murder conviction for the 2013 shooting death of Odin Lloyd.

"Him dying now even though it was (apparently) suicide means that the conviction is dismissed or discontinued and he goes back to where he was before he was even tried,” said ABC 6 Legal Analyst Ken Schreiber.

Schreiber explains that the law allows convictions to be voided for defendants who die before their appeals are heard.

"There is some movement to try and change the way in which this doctrine is applied. It wasn’t meant for a case like this. There are other cases where it should be applied but not these kind of cases,” said Schreiber.

Lloyd’s family is in the middle of a wrongful death suit against the former Patriot.

Wednesday an attorney for Lloyd’s mother, Ursla Ward, had this to say about his apparent suicide.

"She believes that this was just another form of justice she feels terrible for all of those innocent people affected,” said Attorney Doug Sheff.

Ward did forgive Hernandez after his conviction. But, despite this latest development her legal council does intend to move forward with the civil suit to get money from his estate.

Attorney Sheff does not think that an abatement of the conviction would change anything.

"We have a summary judgment motion that was allowed months ago which already established liability in this case so we are hopeful and fully expect to be able to move ahead on the damages portion of the case,” said Sheff.

A spokesman for the Bristol County D.A. would not comment on the possibility of Hernandez’s murder conviction being vacated.

But, he did say that there is a large distinction because a conviction being overturned and being vacated because of an “archaic law.”

If the conviction is vacated Hernandez’s estate may be eligible to receive up to six million dollars in salary and bonus payments from his NFL contract.