Hernandez denied bail, again

By: Dee DeQuattro


Just a day after being charged with murder and ordered held without bail, former Patriot's tight end Aaron Hernandez was denied bail, again.

Hernandez appeared in Fall River Superior Court for a bail review hearing to appeal the district court judge's decision to hold him without bail.

Hernandez's attorney said while he knows it is rare to release an individual accused of first degree murder on bail he noted that Hernandez's circumstances are different.

His attorney argued that all the evidence is circumstantial and there has been no admissions or eyewitness accounts. He also noted that Hernandez has never been convicted of a crime and he is not a flight risk because of his high profile status.

He further highlighted that Hernandez is an accomplished individual and is one of the best football players in the country.

The defense argued that Hernandez has been cooperative with the entire investigation and even offered to turn himself in when reports of a warrant for his arrest appeared. Hernandez's attorney said it was the states decision to arrest Hernandez at his home infront of his family and the media.

The Judge questioned Hernandez's attorney on why Hernandez should get bail and “be treated differently” when typically individuals accused of first degree murder do not make bail. Hernandez's attorney argued that Hernandez has “special circumstances” because of his high profile status and maintained that he did not want special treatment.

Hernandez's attorney said Hernandez should be allowed to return home to his fiance and 8-month old daughter because he poses no flight risk.

The judge said that she believed Hernandez has the resources to flee the jurisdiction and because of the circumstances surrounding the case and that he is being charged with a first degree murder in “cold blood,” she would not feel comfortable releasing him on bail. 

Hernandez was charged with first degree murder and gun charges on Wednesday after being arrested by North Attleboro Police at his home earlier in the day.

Hernandez is accused of the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd. Lloyd's body was found in a North Attleboro industrial park a short distance from Hernandez's home on June 17th.

Two others are expected to have been involved in the crime. One suspect has been identified as Carlos Ortiz of Bristol, Connecticut. He was taken into custody in Connecticut, yesterday.

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