Hernandez’s handwritten letter; NOT GUILTY

By News Staff


Twitter: @ABC6

TMZ obtained a letter Aaron Hernandez sent to his pen pal which he more then likely won't write to again. In the letter shown Hernandez claims he is not guilty, stating “The world just makes things out of false accusations and it will all die down especially when they say NOT GUILTY…. I've always been a great person an known for having an amazing heart! I am a strong person and nothing will break me…”

At the end of the handwritten letter he signs “Aaron Hernandez 81”  “Can't wait to sign this again when I'm playing again an prove all the haters and da talkers WRONG… goes onto say “Keep this off social media PLEASE!”

TMZ's article: http://www.tmz.com/2013/08/01/aaron-hernandez-jail-letter-not-guilty-god/