He’s Not Your Average Weather Spotter

He's not your average weather spotter…
I took a lovely ride to Fairhaven today to interview a guy whose passion is tracking weather. ML Barron has been monitoring weather for 35 years.  He was here for Hurricane Bob in 1991 and the experience caused him to make a documentary. 

I was amazed at what I saw in his house – it was a virtual weather zone, filled with monitors, weather radios other gadgets.  He has cameras in three locations in an area called West Island in Fairhaven.  I did a story on him today and we talked a lot about Hurricane Earl and how to handle adverse weather, but we also talked about his website: www.westislandweather.com. He receives thousands of hits daily.

What surprised me was that he didn't understand why he was getting hits from Afghanistan and Iraq…I didn't either, but after we both thought about it we realized it has to be the soldiers!  He was so relieved to know this because who else in Iraq and Afghanistan would care about the weather in Fairhaven except the soldiers stationed abroad? (At least, that's our  story and we're sticking to it!) 

I wanted him to explain to me what compels him to go out in the middle of hurricane.  For me, as a journalist, it's my job to keep the public informed no matter what the circumstances are.  He says a weather spotter functions in the same way and that the National Weather Service in Taunton will call him to see what's happening! I'm hoping this weekend that the only thing M.L Barron will see in the harbors of Fairhaven are boats enjoying the Labor Day weekend. 

Keep smiling and enjoying the sunshine that we have – this weekend's weather could change all of our moods.

John Guice